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Research Leader: Professor Mamoun Muhammed
Muhammet Toprak, Mohsin Saleemi, Nader Nikkam

Materials and Nanophysics

The aim of the EU project NanoHex (originally called Henix) is to develop nanofluids for enhancement of heat transfer in equipment for cooling of electronic components and data centres.

The project is carried out in cooperation with the Division of Functional Materials at KTH. Involving twelve different organisations from six different countries NanoHex is the world’s largest collaborative project for the research and development of nanofluid coolants.

The €8.3 million project has been funded by a Seventh Framework Programme grant, together with investments from the consortium members themselves. NanoHex aims to develop and optimise safe processes for the production of high-performance nanofluid coolants for use in industrial heat management. It will also endeavour to develop an analytical model to accurately predict the thermal performance of such nanofluid coolants; something that has not yet been achieved.

Nanofluids have shown significantly enhanced thermal properties in comparison to traditional cooling fluids and, by coupling significant technical benefit and commercial viability with environmental friendliness, NanoHex aims to produce a nanofluid that can be safely manufactured, applied and recycled.

Efficient heat removal is one of the top challenges facing a number of industries, including microelectronics, transportation, manufacturing and power generation. Innovative and more efficient cooling technologies are needed to support technological development and reduce the impact such technologies have on the environment. The nanofluid developed will be applied in demonstration cooling systems for both data centres and power electronic components to illustrate how nanofluid may help extend product reliability, reduce energy consumption, lower operating costs, cut carbon emissions, and ultimately, enable the development of more sustainable products and processes within industry. NanoHex aims to:

•Translate promising laboratory-based, nanotechnology research results into pilot lines for the production of nanofluid coolants.
•Investigate and advance scientific understanding of the thermal behaviour and properties of nanofluids.
•Develop an analytical model to simulate and predict the heat transfer of formulated nanofluid coolants.
•Optimise the formulation of nanofluid coolants through control of the synthesis process and knowledge of the underlying physico-chemical sciences.
•Design and develop two small-scale pilot lines for the manufacture of fluid coolants.
•Deliver energy savings, and safe and reliable exploitation of nanofluid coolants in cooling of electronics.

Period: 2009-01-01 - 2013-12-31

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